Friday, December 10, 2010

The Paris Etching Society

These wonderful etchings by Louis Icart hung in my grandparents house during my childhood.  As a little girl I would look at them and imagine the woman in the prints were pictures of my mother before I was born.  I could see a resemblance because my mother had platinum blond hair that she wore in a pin curls.  And, in the deep south, hydrangeas were all around the house, so it made sense to me.  I loved these pictures and years later they were given to me.

I knew Louis Icart was a renowned artist, probably most famous for his erotic etchings but also know for works featuring his wife as model.  I learned that these particular prints were produced by "The Paris Etching Society" in New York in the 1930's and 40's.  They produced fine quality reproductions of French etchings and brought art into the homes of people at all levels of income.


I always called the print that I now know to be titled, 'Symphony in Blue", the hydrangea lady.  I love the way the hydrangeas in the vase spill onto her hydrangea covered dress.  The other is called Girl in Crinoline.  The background is shades of gray while her iconic Parisian frock is soft shades of blue and pink.


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