Monday, December 13, 2010

For The Birds

Bird figurals are always a popular theme for costume jewelry.  Birds capture our imagination and we envy their  freedom of flight.  They are the perfect pallet for jewelry artist to work their magic.     

This peacock brooch is a Panetta creation.   The quality is exceptional and as with all of their work it has the look of fine jewelry.

                                                         "Kissing Peacocks"
                                                       A Nolan Miller design

Lea Stein, Paris 
Created with her unique layered
 and compressed acetate process.

Hand carved  and hand painted Takahashi      hummingbird. 

Coro Heavenly Swallows Duet and earrings.

         Matisse Renoir copper and enamel stylized bird brooch, "Windsong".

Boucher Peacock

A 1930's or 40's enameled brooch with large paste stones.

BSK enameled peacock

A jeweled and enameled Boucher Hummingbird


  1. I am enjoying my first visit here. You have so many beautiful pieces of jewelry here. Thanks for sharing what you've learned about them.