Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Love Har Jewelry

I was taken with Har jewelry the first time I laid eyes on a fantastic brooch of a dragon studded with the most incredible assortment of rhinestones and glass I have ever seen.  The unique designs and unusual stones along with the manner in which they are used are the main characteristics of Har jewelry.
The oriental figurals are charming with their smiling faux ivory faces.  Their costumes are beautifully detailed, studded with faux gem stones in a wash of gold or sometimes an enamel whitewash.  Some are full bodies and some are torsos. 

I especially like the little guy on the right because he makes me think of The Buddha.

The brooches and earrings in this line are more common but there are a number of harder to find bracelet designs.                                                                          
The bracelets with the single charm are easier to find and therefore less expensive than the more elaborate and unusual pieces
Without a doubt the Har genie or fortune tellers are by far the best  designs of this kind.  The finish on these pieces is a golden brown that adds to the exotic look.

The turtles have been done with any number of of different materials decorating their shells.

The feathery shapes in the brooch on the right are referred to, for some reason, as dragon tooth.  It is another much sought after design.

This is only a few examples of the wonderfully magical creations of the Har jewelry company.  They were only in business for a short time from the early 1950's to the late 1960's and little is know about the company, the designers or what inspired this fabulous work. 

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  1. I lucked into the exact same turtle brooch as the one you have pictured above (goldtone with "turquoise" and "pearl" on the shell) at an estate sale. I picked it up because it was clearly old costume jewelry, in beautiful shape, and I like turtles.
    It only cost me a quarter! And it seems to be worth quite a bit more. Quite a shocker, let me tell you.