Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Gift of Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry crafted of precious metals and gemstones can be an affordable luxury. The craftsmanship in the beautifully detailed designs of antique jewelry is becoming a lost art.  The hand work in antique pieces make them unique.  Many of the elements used in these designs are becoming harder to find as well. So, while contemporary jewelry is valued based on the elements used to make up the piece, antique jewelry may cost less but have a greater worth because of the fine workmanship and rare stones and gems.  And, an antique piece will appreciate over time. 


Carved Ivory Chrysanthemum Earrings

                                  Shell Cameo in Sterling Silver Frame

Rare Alexandrite  and Pearl Lavaliere

 Taille d'epargne Bracelet

Amethyst and Pearl Festoon Necklace

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