Sunday, November 7, 2010

Watch out for snakes

I grew up in the South East where every poisonous snake in North America can be found. As a child every time I went outside to play my mother would remind me, "Watch out for snakes". That must have stuck because now when I search for vintage jewelry I always watch out for snakes.

The serpent has always been a popular motif for jewelry probably even before fashion's first icon, Cleopatra. Romans wore bracelets fashioned in the shape of a coiled serpent. In the Middle ages Medieval and Byzantine jewelry used the image of snakes as talisman to ward off evil. It became a popular theme again in Victorian jewelry when Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria an engagement ring that was a snake with an emerald head. This symbol of eternity, rebirth, and healing has never lost popularity. Even though many have a visceral reaction to the snake others are enchanted. I am the latter.

I love the way designers and artist find ways to portray snakes in their work.

I hope you enjoy these images of some of our favorites.

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